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Monday, November 6, 2017   /   by Mike Dahl

Find something to be grateful for each day in November!

Monday Morning Message

Hello!  How is your Monday starting out?  I challenge all of you to find something to be grateful for each day in November.  What are you grateful for today?  Is it the sunshine?  Is it the air you breathe?  Is it your family?  Take a few moments and reflect. 


Let’s talk about time.  We all have something in common concerning time.  We all experience 24 hours in a day.   Some of us like mornings and others like late nights.  Days can pass, weeks fly by, month and even years.  Then, one day you can reflect and can you really account for your time? Do you set short term goals and then measure their results?  Can you look at yourself and your life today and know that the things you did with the time you have had made an improvement over where you were a year ago?  It is said that time is the most valuable commodity in ...

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Monday, October 9, 2017   /   by Mike Dahl

How do I choose the right Realtor to represent me?

How to Interview a Realtor | Real Estate Interview Questions

Interviewing A Realtor With Great Questions


How to interview a Realtor is something every seller should know! Spending the necessary time to go through the interview process with a Realtor should be one of the most critical things on anyone’s agenda when considering selling their home, yet many do not take the time to do so. Asking smart real estate interview questions is critical to your success!

Having been a Realtor for over thirty years, I have found this to be very eye opening. There are lots of folks that will make contact with a Real Estate agent from any number of places including attending an open house,  seeing a for sale sign in their neighborhood, getting a post card in the mail, or maybe even some positive feedback from relatives or friends.

Understanding how to pick a real estate agent is critical to your success!

One of the b ...

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